About Our Church

N.K.S.T stands for the Nongu u Kristu u i Ser u sha Tar, (Universal Reformed Christian Church), a Christian Reformed church based in Nigeria. NKST envisions to be a multiethnic Christian community drawn from all nations and cultures of the world and united in the doctrine of Jesus Christ. NKST exists to glorify God through worship and proclamation of the Good News of Salvation to all humanity, and observation of the sacraments as instituted by Jesus Christ, to strengthen the communion of the Saints, to responsibly teach believers and instill self-discipline.


In October 1895, Dr Karl Kümm was called to start mission work in the Sudan Belt (formerly the sub-Saharan area north of the equator – from Senegal in the west to Sudan in the east). In the early 1900s, the international, interdenominational Sudan United Mission (SUM) was founded with a vision to create a Christian presence in Sudan.

The Gospel

It was first introduced in Sai on 17th April, 1911 a village in Katsina Ala local government area of Benue state, Nigeria. Although its headquarters is now at Mkar, Gboko, the Local Government is in Benue State. The church is the fruit of missionary work undertaken by the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. .


Pastor/Elders of NKST Garagboghol

Rev.  Ephriam
Terzungwe Gafah. JP
Atese Mercy M. Gafah
Ngo u Mzough
Ortamen. Stephen Mnyamchie. Tswam
Ortamen. Boniface Terwase Kwaghve.
Secratary II
Ortamen. Terhemen Sekpe.